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Now, for a little more about Cinder and the Easy Fitness Book:

Book Synopsis

Plus Size Knee Pain Solutions will help you retrain your brain while you let your body off the hook. Al the while reducing knee pain and building strength and stamina. You can go smoothly from being stuck and frustrated about fitness to becoming a life-long Easy Fitness exerciser. We use laser focused, easy to implement small step exercises that help reduce your joint pain while you gain strength and stamina — all this in less than 5 minutes a day! Hard to believe? Maybe, if you’ve been brain-washed by traditional diet and fitness industry propaganda. But hundreds of plus size women who are successful with Easy Fitness prove otherwise.

Here’s what some of those women are saying:

“I want to tell you that I feel an IMMEDIATE difference in my knees following your advice. Amazing!”

“I didn’t think anything would work for me but my knees feel better and it’s only been 3 days!”

“I went 15 stairs using both legs instead of one at a time!”

“I don’t know if it’s psychosomatic but my legs feel stronger already lol”

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About the Author

Medical Exercise Specialist Cinder Ernst loves helping you create a powerful partnership with your body, moving toward building the strength and stamina to live your life fully — not in any way you’ve known before!

Cinder and her formerly reluctant clients have been getting great results for more than 25 years using unique fitness approaches in small sweet steps. Her leading-edge work has been featured on Good Morning America, NPR, and the SF Chronicle to name a few.