Make Standing in Line Easy

If you have knee pain (or even if you don’t) standing in line can be a drag.

Your feet can hurt, your knees might ache and your back can get tired. There are 2 mistakes you might be making that are easy easy easy to fix.

Mistake #1: Holding yourself with your weight in your toes. This makes your knees and feet hurt.

The Fix: Best Foot Position. Stand with your weight in your heels and the balls of your feet. You can wiggle your toes when you are doing this right. You can try it right now.


Mistake #2 Standing with your knees locked. This puts all the effort of holding you up onto your knee joints.

The Fix: Unlock your knees. Stand in Best Foot Position, soften or bend your knees just slightly and squeeze your butt just a little bit. Try this right now too.

With this small step, you can turn standing in line into a body awareness and butt strengthening exercise.