“I want to tell you that I feel an IMMEDIATE difference in my knees following your advice.  Amazing!”

OldLadyWalking“I walked both Fri and Sat and I was able to go 15 stairs using both legs instead of one at a time!!”

“I didn’t think anything would work for me but my knees feel better and it’s only been 3 days!”

“I can feel the muscles that we worked and it was so easy!”

“I don’t know if it’s psychosomatic but my legs feel stronger already lol”

“I loved your message in the feature article. I thought I was crazy last year when I disconnected weight loss and exercise; and instead started to measure exercise with renewed strength, ease of movement and how I feel about my movement. I absolutely love that I can get up on my own butt and leg strength instead of pushing off the table, or arms on the chair. Being able to do this has taken 20 years off how I feel about myself. I feel so strong and young when someone jumps up to help me up, then backs off and says, “wow! You just popped up on your own! Amazing how you did that!” I’m 63 reversing the bad habits I have picked up to cope with weakened and painful knees. I can’t report my knee pain is 100% gone, but it has eased off enough to get up without the old lady push off. Thank you for helping me get as far as I’ve come. I can’t wait for what happens “when I’m 64!” Feeling stronger and less dependent on others to help me move or get up has also helped me to not focus so negatively on aging. I am excited to experience what I can still physically accomplish.”

“Here I am in Amsterdam, on a wonderful houseboat with high step up and down places. I mean like 20-24 inches to go outside and a bed that’s only 18 inches from floor. I am thanking Cinder every day for being able to do this. I hate “get ups ” but they are working. Today we went to Anne Frank’s house. Lots of very steep steps…made it without a puff. Kid was gleeful…she did not think I would make last climb. Thanks Cinder for the get ups and step ups and making it fun and this possible.”

“So grateful for all I’ve learned from Cinder Ernst. Fun story : yesterday I must have been looking quite old and wilted after a long hot visit to the Statue of Liberty. So when I was offered the chance to sit at the front of the ferry line, I said yes! A woman a bit older than me sat next to me and said.,. my problem is I have a hard time getting up from sitting. So I told her about the fabulous technique of butt squeezing a few times. She said she’d had a lot of interesting conversations with strangers but never one about butt squeezes! When it was time to get on the ferry, she did her squeezes and exclaimed…wow! It worked…much easier to get up! And another of cinders secrets gets spread around the planet! (This one to Florida!)”

Walking“Hi Cinder, thank you for thinking of me. I am recovering from a setback in August. I had not visited my orthopaedic doctor for knee issues since Feb. of 2011! Your Heal your Knee exercises have been quite successful to say the least. The doctor told me I was doing everything right. What could have triggered the incident was a piece of calcification breaking loose and getting lodged somewhere painful in the joint. He said the issue should work itself out on its own. A couple of weeks later I went back for the cortisone shot he had offered me. He said something about me being a poster boy for managing with terrible looking x-rays. 
I re-covered the homemade stool in front of my music stand with the thought of getting back to some type of regular practice schedule but so far that has not developed. 
I think your Heal Your Knee program has given me a new life.”

“I have been doing the exercises every day. I do them in bed first thing in the morning and last thing at night and every time I think about it during the day. I find that it has made a tremendous difference. I was taking 2 Tylenols every morning and every night. I don’t remember the last time I took them. I’ve done stairs with much less struggle and walked faster and further without paying for it a few hours later. My next hurdle is to be able to bend down without my butt in the air and be able to get back up. I’m sure that will come with time. Thank you for the information and support!”