The #1 Best Abdominal Exercise!

In my experience 25 years of personal fitness training, the most important abdominal (ab) exercise is the pelvic tilt.

This simple move is the basis for doing all other ab exercises, and it has the most benefits and the least amount of risks. My clients know that I always choose the safest and most effective exercises, so they don’t get injured.

Results from pelvic tilting: Increases your ab strength, increases mobility in your lower back, often lessens low back pain right away, makes standard lower body stretching safer and more effective, can be done lying, sitting or standing so it’s versatile and can be used almost anywhere to relieve low back pain, does not aggravate neck pain, does not aggravate shoulder or upper back pain, for advanced exercisers learning to incorporate the pelvic tilt into any ab exercise will increase the benefit and decrease the risk.

Let’s visualize your abdominal muscles; this will help when you try the pelvic tilt. Your ab muscles go from the top of your hip bones to the bottom of your rib cage. This is not exact anatomy but it will help illustrate the motion. The muscle striations go vertically (again not exact but useful for now). Imagine these muscles are the front of your spine. Think of the arch in your back and how those muscles would be stretched to accommodate the curve of your lower back. The pelvic tilt decreases the curve in your lower spine. The ab muscles (front of spine) shorten which makes the lower back muscles lengthen as you kind of “un arch” you back. That’s the idea of it.

Think about this part of your body as you go about your day, notice what happens when you bring your awareness there.

This is Irresistible Abs Week, in the next blog we will try the pelvic tilt together!

Here’s to your good health, right now!