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5 Exercise Resistance Hacks

I tried something new as I was deciding what fitness topic to write about. I thought of someone who I would really enjoy working with. She’s fiftyish or older, not particularly athletic, clear minded and mostly unflappable. She has some knee or joint pain that is stopping her from being as active as she wants […]

Kick the Knee Pain Habit

What?? My knee hurts, what’d you mean…kick the habit? Your reaction to pain can make life easier or harder; can make you feel better or worse. Good news, you can choose.  Your immediate emotional response to pain, whether acute or chronic, can help or hinder your recovery response time. I’ll give you an example. A […]

Pain- Help is on the Way

My knee will sometimes go from not hurting at all to hurting pretty sharply. As far as I can tell, this pain is not in response to some activity or position. The pain just pops up. Pop up pain seems like it comes out of the blue, and it can be familiar or new. Pop […]

Knee Friendly Fitness

Today I’m going to give you some guidelines for taking care of your knees while you’re working out in the gym. If you have a specific knee injury, get some help from your medical provider, especially a physical therapist, and go from there. I have learned all of the information presented here during the last […]

Low Back Pain Relief Hacks

Low back pain gets in the way of so much: your workout, your day and your fun, just to name a few. In this article, we are going to look at non-acute low back pain and how to interrupt the pain before it ruins your day or your activity. If you have an acute back […]

Knee Pain Relief Hacks

When your knee(s) hurt, it’s hard to stay active. Loss of mobility is no fun and can lead to poor health and decreased well-being. I write about knee pain a lot. I’ve been a personal trainer for thirty years. Over those three decades, I’ve seen quite a bit of knee pain and I’ve learned how […]

Success with Physical Therapy

I love physical therapy. It’s the best thing for you when your body hurts. Physical therapists have a way of “reading” what’s going on in your body. From that reading, they can plot a path for your recovery. PTs are all about getting you stronger in the weak parts, and longer in the tight or […]

Weight Loss and Pain Management

I have been helping plus-size folks for almost 30 years to get more fit. The people I work with are categorized as overweight, obese and super-obese. I don’t use that terminology, but I want you to have a picture. Most plus size individuals have been told to lose weight if they have knee, back, or […]

Find Your Flexibility

During my thirty years of being a personal fitness trainer, I have noticed most people fall into three categories of flexibility. These categories are anecdotal observations coupled with my Medical Exercise Specialist training. I am reminded of Goldilocks and the Three Bears whenever I teach this. In the simplest terms, most people are 1) overly […]

Foot Pain Fixes

Have you ever had Plantar Fasciitis (PF)? Boy, does it hurt! Especially when you put your feet on the floor first thing in the morning—ouch! PF is inflammation in the fascia on the bottom of your foot. You might feel it anywhere from your heel to the ball of your foot. The pain from this […]