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Wishing for a Flat Stomach?

We’ve all seen commercials selling the idea that you can do enough crunches on a magic contraption to make your belly disappear. The truth is that you can’t spot reduce. If you could spot reduce, people who chew gum would have skinny faces. Even though you can’t spot reduce, most people think that doing crunches […]

Overcoming Problems When Starting a Walking for Fitness Program

In our last column, we gave you the Easy Fitness system for starting a walking program ( The basic premise is to find your comfortable walking distance right now and start with that. It could be 10 steps, 10 blocks, 2 miles or anything in between. If you don’t know, then just start walking! Keep […]

Heal Your Hip Pain

I specialize in helping plus-size folks get out of pain and get back into life. Let’s get you some help with hip pain. First and most important…when you are feeling pain on the outside of your hips, especially when you walk, it usually means your low back is involved. This is the most common “hip” […]

Make Standing in Line Easy

If you have knee pain (or even if you don’t) standing in line can be a drag. Your feet can hurt, your knees might ache and your back can get tired. There are 2 mistakes you might be making that are easy easy easy to fix. Mistake #1: Holding yourself with your weight in your […]

Strong Abs Starting Right Now!

Here we are halfway through Irresistible Abs Week. If you have knee pain don’t forget to get the Heal Your Knee Pain Starter Kit here So far we’ve covered how to talk about your abdominal muscles, we learned the distinction between your stomach, your abs, and your belly. And we’ve learned a little user-friendly anatomy […]

The #1 Best Abdominal Exercise!

In my experience 25 years of personal fitness training, the most important abdominal (ab) exercise is the pelvic tilt. This simple move is the basis for doing all other ab exercises, and it has the most benefits and the least amount of risks. My clients know that I always choose the safest and most effective […]