How is Personal Training with Cinder Different?​

Fitness is not how you look.

Fitness is not how much you weigh.

Fitness is having enough strength and energy to live the life you want to live!

Cinder’s programs are designed to be safe, easy, doable and fun!
And they are powerfully effective at pain relief and mobility improvements.
Find out which one is right for you:

EZ KNEES- The EZ Way to Stronger Happier Knees

6 weeks ~ 30% more strength ~ 30% less pain

Private Training:

Buddy Program:

Group Program:

For you if you know you work best with custom VIP service and your time is NOW.

Bring a buddy for half price and double your fun.

For you if you love the power and camaraderie of a community heading in the same direction. Good value if you know you're a "groupie."

STEPS - The EZ Way to Trouble Free Stairs

4 months continuation after the EZ KNEES program.

EZ EVERYTHING - The EZ Way to a Stronger Happier Body and Life.

6 or 12 months of Cinder's personal attention to get you exactly what you want.

Find your BEST starting point with a complementary Find Your Fitness Yes consult with Cinder. Email now or call (415) 699-5797​