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Kick the Knee Pain Habit

What?? My knee hurts, what’d you mean…kick the habit? Your reaction to pain can make life easier or harder; can make you feel better or worse. Good news, you can choose.  Your immediate emotional response to pain, whether acute or chronic, can help or hinder your recovery response time. I’ll give you an example. A […]

Knee Pain Relief Hacks

When your knee(s) hurt, it’s hard to stay active. Loss of mobility is no fun and can lead to poor health and decreased well-being. I write about knee pain a lot. I’ve been a personal trainer for thirty years. Over those three decades, I’ve seen quite a bit of knee pain and I’ve learned how […]

Make Standing in Line Easy

If you have knee pain (or even if you don’t) standing in line can be a drag. Your feet can hurt, your knees might ache and your back can get tired. There are 2 mistakes you might be making that are easy easy easy to fix. Mistake #1: Holding yourself with your weight in your […]