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For 30 years Cinder has been helping women just like you reduce pain and gain strength & stamina. As the creator of Heal Your Knee 1 2 3 and the Get Your Life Back programs and the author of Plus Size Knee Pain Solutions, Cinder has a proven method to help you feel good as you get your body going and your life flowing. Next thing your know, you’ll be having so much fun.

If you’ve tried everything or even if you’ve given up, you’re in the right place.  Cinder may be the new beginning you’re looking for.

This is the biggest thing, to not make yourself wrong.

Understanding the Law of Attraction has helped Knee Friendly Fitness Coach Cinder Ernst teach hundreds of women to ease their knees, be more active and have more fun.

These ground breaking techniques have been featured on Good Morning America, NPR and The San Francisco Chronicle.

Over the past 30 years Cinder’s Heal Your Knee and Get Your Life Back Programs have helped hundreds of people reduce pain, gain strength and stamina and live abundant lives.

Having overcome her own battle with addiction and poor body image, Cinder stopped dieting and hating her body 30 years ago, and began a journey to guide other women to live more active, fit and joyful lives as they take control of their bodies and their health.

Cinder can help you get your body going and your life flowing. Cinder is a Medical Exercise Specialist and an Accredited Life Coach.

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